Bella Bella Community School offers a full N-12 program whereby students can earn a Dogwood diploma qualifying them to gain entrance to any post-secondary institution. 


Our mission statement addresses our commitment to providing a curriculum that acknowledges and operates in all aspects of our Heiltsuk culture and traditions. 


Bella Bella Community

School Board Members

The Post-Secondary Committee will review and develop policies and procedures for the Post-Secondary Programs; review, prioritize and approve/reject applications for funding within budget constraints and Board policy; review appeals and make recommendations to the Board.

During the BBCSS Annual General Meeting (AGM) that is held in October all Board business will be tabled until the AGM is complete. 

Post-Secondary Committee Members: ​

Marilyn Hall: (Term of office: 2017-2019)

Alida Reid: (Term of office: 2016-2018)

Mary Brown: (Term of office: 2017-2019)

Georgina Reid: (Term of office: 2017-2019)

Post-Secondary Appeals Committee Members: 

Rhoda Bolton: (Term of office: 2017-2019)

Brenda Humchitt: (Term of office: 2016-2018)

Cheryl M.F. Humchitt: (Term of office: 2016-2018)

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